Subscriptions: read all about it!

Did you know you can subscribe to other users on 43 Things? Give it a try by clicking the “subscribe” link on an interesting person’s profile page. When you click on your Subscriptions link (also located on your profile) you’ll see all the activity of the people you’re subscribed to.

What is Subscriptions?

Subscriptions is a way of following people’s progress on their goals, their entries, comments and activity across all of our sites and any other feeds they choose to include from the rest of the internet. You also control what other people who are subscribed to you see by adding and removing feeds from your own feeds page. Subscriptions are anonymous. You can see how many people are subscribed to you but you won’t see their identities. When you subscribe to someone they won’t know it’s you subscribing, but they will see the number people subscribed to them increase by one (you).

A few changes:

Subscriptions started out on 43 Things, but moved to 43 People a few years back. Today most users spend the majority of their time on 43 Things, so we’re moving Subscriptions back to 43 Things. We think that makes more sense. Soon you’ll be able to subscribe to others and read your Subscriptions all from 43 Things. We’re also taking the opportunity to clean up the look and feel.

We have Laurel and Michelle to thank for undertaking the software and design work on this one. It should be live on the site in a few days.

P.S. We’ll keep the old Subscriptions service up on 43 People for the time being

13 Responses to “Subscriptions: read all about it!”

  1. revengeofnudefreedom Says:

    Personally, I wish this would have been kept on 43 People. I probably use 43T and 43 Peeps about equally.

    I like the interface better for the subs page the way it is on 43 Peeps.

    And I really hope you won’t do away with 43 Peeps altogether. I like the “I want to meet/I admire, etc.” feature. It’s a great way to compliment people, as are the tags, and I’d hate to lose this.

    Would you at least consider giving us the option of displaying our subscriptions, “the new way”, or “the old way”?

  2. Silvie Says:

    Well done. snazzy new subs page.

    Just one comment and idea to further improve it. Could we have a trail of additional pages at the bottom of the page, so you don’t have to scroll back up to click on the next page having read to the bottom of the first page. I’m just lazeee :) )


  3. Daniel Spils Says:

    Ro’NF — we’re leaving the 43 People subscriptions for now. You’re welcome to use that system. Both Subscription services share the same data — the Subscriptions on 43T are cleaner and better located for the vast majority of users. That said, 43 People remains the same so you can hang out in that subscriptions land and you should be fine.

    Silvie — Laurel will be adding pagination to the bottom of the page soon. Glad you enjoy the new Subscriptions on 43 Things!

  4. Loquaciouslass Says:

    Hi Daniel. Just wanted to add my vote in for 43 People (responding here to the “leaving… for now” above). I use 43 People more than 43T. I read/cheer my subscriptions from there. Also (and I realise this could just be because it’s what I’m used to) whilst the 43T subs page looks very pretty, the 43P subs page seems to have a nicer ‘balance’ to the layout. If that makes sense. Seeing as I’m rambling on anyways, I may as well mention that I agree with RoNF, in that I really like the other features 43P offers… messages, and so on. Okay, I’ll stop now. :-)

  5. Carm Says:

    I like the new 43Things subscriptions but there is one thing I miss. I cannot see the date and time for the entry in the feed. I see “3 weeks ago” but it would be really helpful to me to have the date. Sometimes when I’m looking for something to cheer I might have made a note for that person “cheered all entries back through 6/12.” Without the date on the feeds I’m shooting in the dark as to where to start trying to cheer. If a date and time can be added to the 43T feeds that would be great, otherwise I will probably continue to use the 43People subscriptions page when I need that functionality. Thanks for listening.

  6. Carm Says:

    Is it my imagination or did subscriptions used to include about a month’s worth of entries but now only a week or so?

  7. Laurel Fan Says:

    Thanks for all the feedback!

    The subscription page now has pagination on the bottom.

  8. flutterbyyou Says:

    I do like the new layout. It’s easy to see and work with, but one thing I really miss is the avatars on the side that showed when a used had a recent post. that helped me keep in touch with some of my subscribers who didn’t post as often and other wise get lost in the mist of the ones who make many post at one time.
    Can we PLEASE bring that back?

    thank you

  9. tinkmcd Says:

    Appreciate all the work y’all put in to 43T and its sister sites.

    I’m delighted to have a way to access subs from 43T, because my office network has 43P blocked (apparently believing that it’s a social/dating site).

    Like Carm, it would help me immensely to have the date/time back. With 61 subs, I often have quite a few pages to review, even after just a few hours away from 43T. I need to have an easy way to find my “last read” entry/comment. Unless that’s restored, I’ll have to stick with the 43P subs feed.

  10. Gmb.idols Says:

    Could we have a trail of additional pages at the bottom of the page, so you don’t have to scroll back up to click on the next page having read to the bottom of the first page.


  11. bethy Says:

    I feel like not being able to see who is subscribed to you is going against the policies of, say Neighborhood Watch. The guidelines specifically say, along with other things, to not be creepy and I feel like being able to sub someone without them knowing who you are is almost stalkerish. I don’t feel like there is anything wrong with knowing who is subscribed to you.

  12. nathalie Says:

    How do I find a person? When I do a search on a user I get this message: “There aren’t any goals that match “phaseoutgirl”". I know this gal is on the site, but can’t find her, short of doing a reverse search for one of her goals and then hunting through the hundreds of folks who phrased their goal exactly the same way…

  13. Daniel Spils Says:

    Hi Nathalie,

    You can search for people using standard search on 43 Things. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see “People that match ‘your search’”. That will include usernames which match your search.

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