43 Things profile page

January 31, 2008

We’ve gone through a few rounds of design for the new 43 Things profile page (the page with your doing/done lists, edit account, cheers, etc). It is a work in progress, but we wanted to share it with you as it develops.  Here are some of the features and changes on the new page:

  • the ability to add a goal from your profile page!
  • right column customization - you choose what goes in the right column
  • simplifying the tabs (2 instead of 4) that puts the focus on your list of goals, and your list of accomplishments
  • letting you edit or remove a goal right from the list 

With the standard disclaimers (still designing, tweaking and refining) the right column will allow people to pick and choose what they want in the right column and re-order it to their taste. We’ll start with a few standard things that everyone uses: cheers and tags. For those that like displaying their Flickr photos, you’ll be able to add Flickr in the right column.  Attached is an early mock-up of these ideas:  profile_sm2.png   

Site(s) outage Saturday, Jan. 26 at 6pm PST

January 24, 2008

We’ll be bringing all the sites down for about an hour (hopefully less) on Saturday at 6pm Seattle time (aka PST). Ivan and Laurel are putting a new load balancer into place that will do all sorts of great things for performance. The sites will go dark. Completely dark … as in nothing will show up. But don’t fret, we’ll bring everything back online with a quickness.

In the meantime you may want to check this out.