43 Things homepage

December 18, 2007

We’ve been talking a lot in recent months about the 43 Things homepage. The current homepage has taken us a long way with the early adopter crowd but can be cryptic for new users. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked ‘what is 43 Things?’. I usually tell people it’s a site where people create a list of their goals and give advice and support to each other. It would be nice to have a homepage that communicated that for me.

Enter new robot Michelle who is now helping us out with all things design. Here’s where we’re headed with the unrecognized homepage (that means when you’re not logged into the site). If you’re signed in, the homepage will look as it does today for now. We should have this live in a few days:


p.s. the “need inspiration” section is a fancy tool that reveals popular goals by category and allows you to quickly add them to your list.

Sites are back up

December 6, 2007

If you’re still seeing the “Scheduled Maintenance” page, try refreshing your browser a couple times. Thanks for your patience.

Tuning the database … back shortly

December 6, 2007

Ivan is tuning the database to improve performance. We should be back up in less than an hour.

update: began maintenance at 10:10am PST (expect to be back up at 11:10am PST)

latest update: sites are coming back up now — it’s 11:15am PST (65 minutes total)

If you’re still seeing the “Scheduled Maintenance” page, try refreshing your browser a couple times. That’ll normally do the trick.

Groups be gone

December 4, 2007

A while back we added Groups to 43 Places as a way for people to commune around a topic within their geography. The idea worked for a while — a stitch ‘n bitch group here and there and a great group called The Finer Things. However, it’s one of our least used features … and a primary target of spammers. In the interest of keeping 43 Places all about places and reducing nooks and crannies for spamholes we’ll be removing the Group feature in about a week.

Groups will work this week, but will be gone next week. Farewell.