Wanting to consume or currently consuming

November 30, 2005

Back in the day Erik was first building All Consuming he was thinking of it as a way to let people share the experience of a book while they read it. So for historical reason’s the first link is “I’m consuming this”. In 43 fashion, we matched the link with “I have consumed this”. Now we are thinking about changing the first link to “I want to consume this”.

Is that how you are already using All Consuming? Would you get more value out of keeping a list of what you want to consume or do you use the list to keep track of your current reading/watching/listening.

Let us know how you use All Consuming.

All Consuming enhancements roll out

November 29, 2005

“We launched a bunch of new things on All Consuming today,” says Erik. And he’s telling the truth.

It’s nowhere near complete, but we’re chiseling away and hoping today is a step toward a better All Consuming experience. The changes had me adding all sorts of books, movies, music and food & drink to my recent consumption list. Carrick added this organic green tea with ginger. He’s crazy like that.

Consume! Then give us some of your ideas for All Consuming and help us make it up and make it happen.

43 days until the new year …

November 18, 2005

Tomorrow we begin counting down the 43 days until the new year on the 43T homepage. It’s been a year since we launched Snuzzle, the beta version of 43 Things, and January 1, 2006 will mark the 1 year anniversary of 43 Things going live. The Robots hope you’ve enjoyed 43 Things as much as we have. Here’s a list of new 43T features we’re releasing today—check it out:

  • Countdown – 43 days until the new year (actually, you’ll see that tomorrow 11/19/2005)
  • Let me fail
  • Recently cheered goals on the Zeitgeist
  • Photo gallery for 43T goals
  • Cheer a comment

Let Me Fail.
One of our top 43T user requests. Today you can click the I give up link under the I’ve done this button and explain your reasons for giving up. Ah … the sweet smell of failure.

Recently Cheered. We’re swapping Today’s Popular Goals on the Zeitgeist with Recently Cheered Goals. We think this will be more interesting and “funner” to look at. Let us know what you think.

Photo Gallery. You can now upload photos to your goals in much the same way you upload photos to a place on 43 Places. Currently you can upload one photo for every entry on 43T, but it’s tied to the actual entry. Now you can upload multiple photos to any goal and there will be a shared photo gallery at the top of every goal page. It’s probably easier if you give it a whirl instead of me babbling on. Go upload some goal photos and let’s rock the image server!

Cheer A Comment. Cheering. It’s like a mini scoobie snack minus the calories. Now you can cheer comments.

We’ll be releasing new features come 2006 and we’ve got all sorts of interesting Robot ideas brewing in the coming months. So keep on keeping on, make progress, cheer all that is worthy and eat plenty of fruit. We’ll do the same.

Site down, for baby countdown

November 18, 2005

We are briefly taking the site down while we roll out some new features.

Stay tuned – we should be back in a few minutes.

Rare public appearance by reclusive robots

November 7, 2005

I’ll be giving a talk tomorrow on how a proper appreciation for the genius of Benjamin Franklin could save us from the silly Web 2.0 meme.

Social Hour starts at 6 PM, Presentations at 7 PM, here are the coordinates. If you think this is interesting or amusing and you aren’t busy trying to hug Werner Herzog, come on by and say hello.

Minor downtime Thursday

November 2, 2005

On Thursday around 6:00 PM PST our hosting provider is upgrading our firewall, so we’ll experience about 10 minutes of downtime.


We’re up and running now. We might have a spot of downtime again tonight for some database tweaking, all in search of making the site faster.


Bob tweaked the database, so things should get much zippier now.