What is 43 Things good for

September 27, 2005

Once in a while I see an entry or a goal and think to myself, “that’s what I love about 43 Things”. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw one 43 Things user helping Joe find the perfect shampoo.

43 Things Entry of the Day

0 people want to find a shampoo that i like

, an entry by

It’s hard to test shampoos, beacause once you buy one you’re stuck with it for 6 months or so.

I’m looking for a shampoo (and a conditioner?) that controls dandruff, keeps my hair from getting really oily for 2-3 days, keeps it from getting poofy, and makes my head smell good.

Anyone have any suggestions? I have thick hair (“jew-fro”) that gets oily quick and a scalp that tends to flake.

What’s up with Whizzer?

September 15, 2005

43 Things Entry of the Day

139 people want to Help test 43people.com: the next new thing from The Robot Co-op

Why are we doing this, an entry by
Josh Petersen:

Early on when we started brainstorming the idea for 43 Things we came up with the triumvirate of 43: people, places, & things. We decided to start with 43 Things as it was the most unique and out there part of the trio. We were fascinated with the way identity is constructed by our desires – the things we want to do, places we want to go, and the people we want to meet. From the time it launched, the number 1 request has been to add a “friends list”, followed closely by a way to privately contact other users. 43People finishes off the initial trio and adds these requested features.

We put off 43 People to the end because we wanted to make sure it did something different from all the other social networking sites. So rather than focus on replicating your existing social network, we put the focus on your aspirations (who you want to meet). On top of that (literally) we put the ways your goals and your travels connect you to people (whether you know them or not). Lastly we added ways to privately communicate with a person without revealing your address if you don’t want to, and ways to keep track of people you are interested in.

With most of the sites we’ve released this year, we get to about the 80% point before we invite in users to test the site. With 43People, we decided to open it up closer to the 20% point.

All the robots appreciate your help in making 43People useful, but we also realize that the site won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. We do want to make it fun, safe, and interesting – and if you have ideas as to how we can do that – please let us know.

Hurricane Relief

September 1, 2005

Jillz created this goal. I’m joining in hopes of finding how to best apply money and support.

43 Things Goal of the Day

34 people want
Help victims of Hurricane Katrina