Return of cheers for subscriptions

December 29, 2005

So we just squeezed this fix in before we had to all head to the pub. More excitement tomorrow!

Return of the subscriber count

December 29, 2005

We got the subscriber count back on your profile and your subscriptions page. Now we are trying to get all the subscribers resync’d (so that the count is accurate). This has a few new kinks that are making some old entries show us like they are new, but it is a one time thing (and might be fixed by the time you read this).

The good news is we’ve had the site up most of the day with a lot fewer errors. Thanks for rolling with the punches 43folks.

Subscriptions and stability

December 28, 2005

As the site has grown we’ve learned better ways to do things. The time is at hand to swap our old way of doing subscriptions (on 43 Things and 43 Places) to the new way (on 43 People). Soon we’ll be redirecting to

What this ought to mean for the site(s) is better stability and fewer errors (oops pages). It will also mean that all subscription reading will happen on 43 People. It will take us a bit of time to work out the kinks, and oh, on the internet we all love change, but for some people this change probably will take some getting use to. The upside of a faster and more reliable site is likely worth the hassle.

In the new year we have a wicked plan (it’s called 6/6/6 internally) to make the site wicked fast.

43T site down for a few minutes

December 23, 2005

A little site hiccup this morning—Todd, Ivan and Bob are on it. We hope to have things up in just a few minutes. I’ll take this site outage opportunity to say “Happy Holidays” …

update: we’re back up at 11:36AM (that’s Seattle time). Sorry for the inconvenience, folks. Rock on.

First ever 43T meet up: Atlanta rules!

December 12, 2005

Atlanta 43T users came through in a big way by self-organizing their very own 43 Things user meetup at Java Monkey. Great stuff! A good looking bunch of 43T users. Thanks to Austin for doing a lot of the organizational legwork.

43 Things Goal of the Day

35 people want

organize a 43Things meetup in Atlanta

Remind Your Future Self

December 8, 2005

You can now send your future self a reminder for any goal on your 43 Things list. Here’s how it works:

  • go to the goal page, click “add a reminder” (upper right).
  • select when you want to be reminded via a dropdown (in a couple days, next week, next month, in about 6 months, by next year)
  • customize the reminder to your future self (or just use the text we provide)

That’s about it. You cancel the reminder by clicking a cancel link when the reminder email shows up in your inbox.

We’re also riffing on All Consuming right now and added I am consuming this and I have consumed this links on the homepages along with some convenient Ajax-tion. Suggestions are always welcome.