Postcards arrive at the Co-op!

August 25, 2005

The mail a postcard to The Robots from one of my 43 Places goal went up a couple weeks ago and we’ve already received 4 postcards from users. So far 6 people want to do this, but we’re hoping to get more 43 Places users to start sending postcards in from around the world so we can plaster our white walls.

Our first postcard writers:

10,000 People on 43 Places

August 19, 2005

Today we have the pleasure of highlighting the 10,000th person to create an account on 43 Places: thensheknew. She hails from aptly-named Gloversville, New York and would like to visit Chicago, Colorado, London, and Italy. She prefers the beaches of Cape Cod to the polluted creeks of her hometown, which we totally understand.

43 Places Person of the Day

thensheknew wants to go 17 places…

What camp are you in?

August 16, 2005
  • Sleeping bag, check.
  • Tent, check.
  • Leather harness, check.
  • Ice cooler, check.
  • Dogdish multi-directional anti-gravity car, check it out.

So far we’ve got Lush Camp added to Black Rock City. Where are the rest of you staying?

43 Places Place of the Day

81 people want
to go to
Black Rock City

A town name that comes with a pronunciation key

August 15, 2005

Full name is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Filling out change-of-address forms must suck.

43 Places Place of the Day

14 people want
to go to

Perseids ahoy

August 11, 2005

What’s that, up in the night sky?

43 Things Goal of the Day

5 people want

see the Perseid meteor shower

Send us a postcard

August 9, 2005

On the way to coffee today Josh mentioned that we should start asking 43 Places users to send us postcards from the road. How ‘bout it? Here’s our postcard address:

The Robot Co-op
1122 E. Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98122

We’ll tape your postcard to the office wall. If we get a few we’ll take a picture of the wall and post some pictures. Ideally you’d send us a postcard from one of your 43 Places destinations. Wish you were here!

We’ll expect a report when you get back

August 5, 2005

Finally … someone actually going on a roadtrip with no predetermined destination and they’re willing to report back. Let’s see what redheadDC has to say after this weekend. I want stories and pictures!

43 Things Entry of the Day

2657 people want to go on a road trip with no predetermined destination

the journey begins, an entry by

tomorrow. At which point I hope to have enough $ to eat as much greasy diner food as I can bear as I meander through S. Jersey with the wonderful boy in tow. I have tank tops and baggy pants for the road- and a new faux tan thanks to Jergens Gentle Glow. Who said fake isn’t beautiful? Not this girl.

It’s now almost 2 am and I absolutely must go to bed or crawling to the office in the morning to wrap up a mini-project or two before the Honda pulls up front will be an impossible journey. Also, must remember to make a mix CD or five for the road in the a.m. Ben has a CD burner but no idea how to use it. And I have a jillion music files waiting to bless the road ahead. I promise a recap on my return. Send positive road karma our way, angels of the highway!

Dildo, Canada

August 4, 2005

People who want to go to Dildo also want to go to Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Hmm…

43 Places Entry of the Day

4 people want to go to Dildo

Untitled, an entry by

Where was your best pizza?

August 2, 2005

I like scazza’s story about the best pizza she ever had. It’s less about pizza (only 1 of 6 sentences mentions pizza) and more about Bari and the delightful details of travel. The end result: I want to go to Bari and eat “the milkiest, most amazing pizza of which I have never tasted the like”.

43 Places Entry of the Day

3 people want to go to Bari

The best pizza I have ever had, an entry by

Here is where I took the ferry to Dubrovnik. Slept on the deck, my baggage intertwined with my body, under a plastic table. The old city is amazing (the new city is crap). Saint Nick is buried there; it is a city of stone, narrow alleyways, arches, coves with shrines to Jesus and Mary full of candles and color in the shadows. I walked past a woman making fresh orichiette. There is also a pizza place there with the milkiest, most amazing pizza of which I have never tasted the like. I drank tequila there on the plaza—simply a magical place.

50,000 people on 43 Things

August 1, 2005

Sam Chupp, who among 26 other things wants to go to a poetry slam, start his own religious movement, and learn to bake yeast rolls, is the 50,000th person to sign up for 43 Things. Yay, Sam!

43 Things Person of the Day

Sam Chupp wants to do 28 things…