Check ins … checking out

October 23, 2007

We’ve been talking a lot in the past few months about removing features in order to clarify 43 Places. Pass the butter, clear the clutter. Later today we’ll be removing check ins from 43 Places. No longer will you be able to check in to 43 Places from your mobile phone. Also, we’ll remove the “did you go here today?” and green “Check in” button from the place detail page along with the “regulars” people bucket. Goodbyes are sweet sadness, but the good news is there will be more room for the 43 Places features that we all love and use. See you later check ins …



October 18, 2007


Hello folks. We released a new feature last night called SuperCheer. After you cheer a goal, entry, comment or photo on 43 Things you now have the option of upgrading to a SuperCheer. Your first SuperCheer is free with future SuperCheers going for $1/each. Cheers remains the same. The mythical cheers algorithm (aka Cheer Goblin) keeps on keepin’ on. There’s no limit to how many SuperCheers you can give (and you even get your cheer back).

SuperCheers were created to allow 43T users a way of showing support for the site while showing support for a user. We’ve been considering a few ways to help users electively contribute to the bottom line while keeping 43T feeling friendly and supportive. We’ve got a few more ideas in mind and we’re working on tweaking the SuperCheer experience — so let us know what you think.