New Stuff on

May 15, 2006

What’s new?
You might have noticed a few new features on 43places lately. Here’s a quick run down of some of the new stuff we’ve been working on.

  • Entry Types: We’ve added “entry types” that let you classify the type of story you are telling about a place. We hope these may give you some inspiration as to the sorts of stories you might want to tell. Find the entry types by writing an entry about any of the places on your list. Still want to add your own title; select “A story about this place” and it works the same as it ever did.
  • Tag Browsing: We’ve reworked the way tags are working on the site. Now anyone can tag anything, wheteher they’ve been there or not. So if you are in to organizing, help us describe places with tags. You can also get a taste of the new way to browse tags we are developing by going to a city (like Seattle and clicking on one of the tags on the right such as restaurants, bar, or park. From there you can refine with related tags as well as narrow down (or scale up) the geographic area you are interested in.
  • Events: We’ve recently added the ability to add an event to a place and also created a way you can tell people in your city what events you are attending. For example, check out all the shows Todd is going to lately (you can see them on the right hand side of profile page). The astute will notice that we’re collaborating with to import events from their site as well for specific cities. You’ll notice these events because they are linked back to Upcoming under the event name.
  • Check-ins: I think we talked about this before, but we’ve also added a feature that lets you “check in” at a place where you are a regular. You can do this from the website, from email, or from your mobile phone. It’s a fun way to track your visits and start to see the places where you are a “regular”. For an example, check out the spots Erik frequents (you can see them right below the map on his profile page).

More to come
We have lots more work we are doing on this push to improve 43 Places, but we’d love to hear from you. Have a great idea for what we should be working on? Add your idea to or send us an email at [email protected].