43 Places on the move

You’ll notice some changes on 43 Places today. We’re working on an overhaul of sorts … rearranging and clarifying lots of the good things about 43 Places and adding a few new features. We’ll be working on it in the coming weeks so expect changes and fixes to roll out pretty regularly.

I’m on Maui today, but the other Robots are back in lovely Seattle. Take a look at your turf and let us know how it looks. Mahalo.

maui on 43 Places

10 Responses to “43 Places on the move”

  1. Mary Says:

    43places looks good but I’m lost. Where are cheers and entries? How d I navigate to the other 43sites from 43places?
    Thanks -

  2. -D Says:

    I hope the expandable map of places we’ve been and would like to go isn’t permanently gone. It was my favorite feature and I miss it greatly.


  3. Pete Sipes23 Says:

    This is a huge improvement. (Though I’ll admit that I might like 43P better than 43T, but it’s so hard to choose between two favorites.)

    I really like how the lists are displayed now. Very graphically pleasing. I like the spin-the-globe feature, though I’m not wholly certain how it works yet. That’s ok. Keep it a mystery for awhile, since it’s a new toy to play with. I love the new photo display. WOW! Eleventy times better. The location search is vastly better too. Navigating up to parent places is also much more streamlined. The questions, a feature I’ve taken advantage of and given back to, are much more prominent-as they should be.

    I’m sorta sad the cheers are gone, but they did seem to be underutilized. If they go, so be it. Same with the flash map of the world, though I really enjoyed-in a voyeuristic way-seeing where people had been to and wanted to go to, but that may just be me. I also liked how it gave way to fast navigation of the site.

    I hope the connectivity to the other sites comes back-I like how 43things does it now far more than how it was previously. I wouldn’t mind it being a little easier to see my entries on my main page. Perhaps that could be under the site contributions bit, but I have no idea what the coding would be like. Of course, this could just be that this overhaul isn’t finished yet.

    But you fail to have bad judgment on your sites, so I trust you’ll do amazing things.

    I can hardly wait to see what’s coming next here and at the other sites.

  4. northernlighthc Says:

    I like it, too! But only if the other features will come back, especially the world map, and I assume you’re still working on the comments, 43t etc connection, and the photos - I added photos to several places that didn’t have any before and now they don’t show up any more.

    Hey, I was just thinking that I’d like to recommend an entry to someone - could there be a button for that?

  5. Kevin Says:

    looks great.. want the map back though!

  6. Carm Says:

    Well it certainly has the pretty factor. It’s quite beautiful. I really miss the cheers but from what I can see it looks like I need to just get over it.

    I really hope you’re still planning to bring back the ability to view my own entries. And the entries of any user on a particular place. And comments. For one example, if I go to a particular place on my list I don’t know if I should add an entry because I don’t know if I already did that long ago.

    I also noticed as others have that photos I added are no longer there. I hope they will come back otherwise maybe we aren’t supposed to add photos any more? I’m confused. But I guess I’ll just sit back and wait to see what happens.


  7. Daniel Spils Says:

    The personalized travel map is back on the profile page. Entries are on their way back soon along with a way to navigate to/from 43 Things. We’ll be tweaking things quite a bit so pardon our dust during the remodel and stay tuned …

  8. Daniel Spils Says:

    Oh - and photos you’ve added are there. For now, just click on the “Photos added” number. In Carm’s case:
    (assuming this is the same Carm)

    We’ve got some big profile page changes happening soon so this should all be easier to find (entries, photos, etc.)

  9. Carm Says:

    Yay! I’m especially happy to hear entries will be back. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new changes. Will stay tuned.

    Thanks Daniel.

  10. Kim Says:

    Hey guys,
    I’ve tried the picture rating (”+” and “-” buttons) on pictures but this is displaying an error (tried again on different dates). I think this rating system is a really good idea. BTW, has the picture order changed on places? Pictures added in user entries used to be displayed before Flickr pulls in galeries I believe, has this changed?
    Another thing I was wondering about is the google mapping for each place, I can’t find the “map” link anymore, is this feature gone?

    I like the wikipedia links!

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