Did you miss us?

You may have noticed two missing sites the last few days:

  • robotcoop.com was down as we swapped the blog over to WordPress — it should be a stable experience now. No more multiple posts and comments or application errors. Phew.
  • All Consuming was down for about 16 hours — this stemmed from trying to renew the domain and incorrectly having the credit card denied. The credit card has now been accepted and we’re back in business!

Hope you enjoy the new blog.

7 Responses to “Did you miss us?”

  1. Peter Sipes Says:

    Yeah, I noticed that All Consuming was down, but I just figured it was temporary. In fact, I (correctly) assumed that there was some glitch with the DNS that would be fixed quickly.

    I also want to tell you that I finally discovered the non-Earth places on the travel map at 43Places. Way cool. You guys have the coolest website on earth.

  2. Daniel Spils Says:

    Peter — shouldn’t it be the coolest website in the universe with all the “non-Earth” places? Thanks man!

  3. Angela Randall Says:

    Hey, I just checked the FAQ so I could put in a suggestion.. and the url http://ideas.43places.com/ seems to redirect to http://www.shoulddothis.com/beta and doesn’t help much in the feedback department.

    Anyway, I wanted to suggest that you guys create a facebook app. It’d be really useful for users you already have.. plus it could get you more users. :)


  4. Michael Bamford Says:

    Out of curiosity, what hosting service do you use, or do you have your own machines? (Btw, I’ve been using your very useful ar_mailer - thanks!)

  5. Daniel Spils Says:

    Ange - sorry about the feedback link. Should Do This should be up soon and that’ll solve that issue. We’ve had a few Facebook app requests — I’m sure we’ll do that soon.

    Michael - our hosting is handled by Rackspace. Rackspace is based out of San Antonio, Texas.

  6. Bexxie Says:

    Great that you chanegd to wordpress

    I love wordpress!

  7. Katrina! Says:

    Allconsuming is down again!

    Or at least it isn’t loading for me.

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