Lists of Bests … working on performance issues

Thanks for all the email reports regarding performance issues with Lists of Bests in the last couple days. We’re making some tweaks now that should stabilize performance—and we’ll continue to work on getting the site healthy again.

Sorry for the hassle but thanks for your detailed feedback. It’s helpful to us.

4 Responses to “Lists of Bests … working on performance issues”

  1. XJLIU Says:

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  2. Ang Says:

    I don’t like how I have to sign up for the Should Do This beta to leave feedback on the 43things site. I am addicted to the internet enough!!

    Anyways, I have been having some performance issues on the 43things site for a few days now; I keep getting an application error randomly, whether I’m trying to log into the site, give cheers, or browse goals. It makes me a sad penguin.

  3. aardila Says:

    Hey guys, I know you’re probably aware of this already but the dreaded “Oops” page is making a big comeback lately. In my experience, it happens mostly on the cheers page, but as Ang mentioned above, it happens throughout the site.

    Thanks for all your hard work.


  4. aardila Says:

    Got the following while saving the previous comment:

    Application error
    Typo failed to start properly


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