The Book Arrives

The Book Arrives

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  1. Kenneth Lee Says:

    Cool, pre-ording it on amazon and they spelt the author wrong on the uk amazon site, just reported a typo to them.

    Congrats looking forward to it.

  2. llong Says:

    Just pre-ordered it through Amazon…can’t wait!

  3. Lynoure Braakman Says:

    I just gave a speech on 43things on Toastmasters, so I hope that helps you on your book sales.

    BTW, I would like to contact you about a problem on 43things, but the said problem is also affecting the Contact Us page:

    In some situations, like on Contact Us page dropdown, when clicking on an image in order to enlarge it, and when clicking on the Message user link, I get JavaScript “too much recursion” error, always on the line 1912 of prototype.js and the error happens every time I try to do the things mentioned above.

    This happens to me on Firefox 3 and on Konquer, and also to another Linux-user I know.

    Please let me know if you got this bug report this way, I’m getting frustrated trying to reach you.

  4. Lynoure Braakman Says:

    Oops, made a mistake. Not always on the same line of code, but quite often on 1912.

  5. Daniel Spils Says:

    Hi Lynoure - thanks for the detailed bug report. I’m working on this with Ivan right now. If you’ve got more information we could use it — email me at [email protected] with any more details. Thanks!

  6. llong Says:

    Received the book! I haven’t started reading it yet, but did skim through it. It’s got many lists of goals and inspiring stories. In the beginning of the book, there are useful strategies regarding self-improvement.

    Great work guys!

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