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We’ve had a way to contact people on the site for some time, but we decided to improve it. “Messages” is a simple way to talk to other people on 43 Things. Click the “send message” link on a user’s profile page and a new message box will pop up. Type away and click “send”. They’ll receive an email with your message and will be able to view and reply to your message on 43 Things.

Once you send a message to someone you’ll see an “open conversation” link on their profile page so you can jump back into the conversation anytime. You’ll get an email when you have new message activity — we’ll also indicate this on your profile page. You can clear a conversation’s history when you like or let it build indefinitely.

We decided to keep messages pretty simple. Unlike email, there is no subject line. Similar to Instant Messenge or iChat, you can only have one conversation with another person at a time. There’s no outbox or drafts, just pure conversation between you and a friend on 43 Things. Almost as simple as two cans and a string.

Thanks to Todd for getting Messages started before his vacation and to Ivan for rolling it out. We should be launching in the next few days.

P.S. The old messages on 43 People will remain in place as a separate system for the time being

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  1. revengeofnudefreedom Says:

    The new message system is a good idea, but I hope you want to do away with the message system on 43peeps, so we can still save stuff in draft. The only thing I’d suggest improving upon with the 43 People messages, would be to do away with the smacker system, and just let people write to each other.

  2. ember Says:

    This is great!

  3. texan1510 Says:

    Very cool!

    Quick question, though…whatever happened to Data Janitors? I know there aren’t groups anymore, but is there a place everyone still chats by any chance?

  4. tinkmcd Says:

    Thanks so much for making “smackers” unnecessary. As long as there’s a Block function in case of abuse, I _vastly_ prefer being able to freely send and receive private messages (um, they _are_ private, right?) from other 43T-ers.

    Nice job!

  5. pondlife Says:

    Just wanted to say what a great site 43things is. Whenever I feel the need to get something off my chest I wander over there and shout it out :)


  6. Gmb.idols Says:

    Thanks so much for making “smackers” unnecessary and this is very Cool. Very Good, Great.

  7. soopahvi Says:

    you guys are really frustrating me at 43things… i was a big fan of the site and would use it for travel advice because the community is so great, but now it won’t let me post questions and i’m not sure why. as a fellow seattlite, i’m pretty sure you guys should hire me because your site has great potential but the usability blows. BLAH. fix this. let me ask questions… and let me ask questions even if i haven’t marked “i’ve been here” or “i’m going here”.

  8. Daniel Spils Says:

    Hi soopahvi - sorry for the frustration. Can you send me an email at bugs [at] robotcoop [dot] com and let me know where you’re trying to ask a question. I’ll try to hep you out. THanks.

  9. Charlatan Says:

    Am I mad or I am missing something.

    Where do I get the option to message someone? I cant find anything anywhere in users profiles.


  10. Daniel Spils Says:

    Charlatan - if you email me at help [at] robotcoop [dot] com I can better assist you.

  11. Charlatan Says:

    Hi Daniel

    Think I have figured it out - only people I have cheered or commented right?

    Makes sense I guess

    Cheers anyway.

    Cool sites btw.

  12. Weed Says:

    Been waiting for a system like this for a while. Thanks!

  13. mike taylor Says:

    nice site but i am having a hard time finding my way around. do you have a site map somewhere on your site?

  14. Daniel Spils Says:

    Hey Mike - no site map, but feel free to email us at help [at] robotcoop [dot] com if you have any specific questions. Welcome!

  15. BeeQueen Says:

    I have made several attempts to add 43p and allconsuming to my feeds, to no avail. Followed the directions from another 43er, directions that made perfect sense and seemed the logical, correct way to add them. “……. go to your 43 People page and click on View your recent entries. At Manage your feeds you should see what feeds are already added and a link Add a feed to your account which will allow you to add others. Also notice that you can delete any you no longer wish to broadcast.” Did all that……..still wouldn’t add my feeds. Help please? Thanks BQ

  16. perplexinglyme Says:

    I’m having problems with 43things and can’t even send a message through the site to report the problems. I’ve not received the verification email even though I’ve clicked the resend button a dozen times and tried 2 different email addys. So I tried to send a message through the “Contact Us” page, and there was an error message on that, too! It says the message could not be sent. Is this a known bug?

  17. ethicalfinance Says:

    I love the new message setup! And thank you for ditching smackers — they were annoying!

  18. unurthd Says:

    i can’t find the “send message” link on anyone’s profile…. what should i do?
    thx i luv ur sites so much

  19. Rich Says:

    There is also no “send message” link on anyones profile for me either. I’ve tried viewing it in IE and Firefox to no avail.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  20. Colleen_C_C Says:

    Is there some technical problem that might explain why I can’t open the “Send Message” feature over the past week or so?

    * I’m trying to “Send” to people with whom I’ve exchanged cheers and comments; no luck.

    * I’ve tried refreshing the page; no luck.

    * Is it possible that there’s something about AdBlockersPlus when used with Mozilla FireFox that keeps the “Send” feature from popping up?

    I appreciate your help, Robots; thanks in advance! *smile*

  21. Daniel Spils Says:

    Hi Colleen -

    Most likely your AdBlockersPlus is blocking all pop-up windows, which would include the send message box. I suggest disabling or removing the software and seeing if messages works for you. Pop-up blocking software often has preferences for allowing specific sites to serve pop-ups - I know Firefox has this. Good luck!

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