Testing ad placement on 43 Things

As you may know, ads pay the bills at 43 Things. Over the next few days we’ll test several ad placements on the site. You may see ads jump around a bit. The most noticeable will be on the goal page: the right column ads will go away for some people and move to the center column.

2 Responses to “Testing ad placement on 43 Things”

  1. vijay karthik Says:

    cheers, hope you guys find the right mix,
    I love 43Things.com,
    thanks to you all,
    With Luv from India,

  2. apteryx Says:

    I just directed someone to http://www.43things.com/things/view/1186309/celebrate-johannes-keplers-birthday and saw an ad layout where the ads show up first, putting the actual text about the goal below the fold.

    I want you guys to be rich. That’s because you make such a fantastic site, a site where people can share the things in life that matter the most to them-really, a site that is all about love. I want this site to stay successful for many years to come. I think putting the ads ahead of the content, so it looks like the ads are the main point of the page, endangers that. Content first!

    Good luck with your continued ad-placement experiments.

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