Profile page preview: adding, editing, reordering and removing your goals

Adding, editing, reordering and removing your goals just got easier.

  • add a goal: type in a new goal direct from your profile page.
  • edit a goal: “I really meant play electric guitar, not play guitar!”. Edit your goal name inline. Yessss!
  • reorder your goals: drag and drop your goals where you like in one simple move.
  • remove a goal: click remove; confirm if you’re removing or giving up (a dialog box explains the difference). Buh bye!

Next up … edit your status.

4 Responses to “Profile page preview: adding, editing, reordering and removing your goals”

  1. Carm Scott Says:

    Very slick! I like it. And I spy a nice little Print link for those who may want a paper version of their list. I’m looking forward to the new look and features.

  2. Jeanne May Says:

    Hey what a neat idea! I like that very much. It’s really good to be able to put a creative aspect into goal setting. Makes it so much more fun, and increases motivation and enthusiasm to achieve the goals.


  3. headapollo Says:

    Looks great!

  4. texan1510 Says:

    Editing goals! Flippin’ sweet!!

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