In the future ago …

If you’re experiencing a time stamp in the future … specifically “in the future ago”, you are not alone. One of the web servers is out of sync at the moment and we’re working on bringing it back to the present day. As it’s only one server that’s out of sync, some folks will experience normal time stamps on their entries, comments and cheers such as “43 minutes ago”. Others looking at the same content (but on a different server) will see the peculiar “in the future ago” time stamp. We distribute traffic to 43 Things across multiple web servers to handle the load efficiently.

It’s an interesting concept and I personally love the wording so enjoy it while it lasts. Ivan tells me that in about 2 hours the server should be synced back up and your entries, comments and cheers will be back in the present tense.

3 Responses to “In the future ago …”

  1. Kyle Mulka Says:

    I think you guys should implement some sort of easter egg which changes the time so that everything shows up like that for a while. It sounds cool to me.

  2. kiki makoko Says:

    are you sure it’s not a operator issue? i mean, the computer only does what it is told.

  3. jaklumen Says:

    I hope this will remain fixed. It’s been a problem in the past.

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