All is change. All remains the same.

Hold on to your hats folks. In our ongoing efforts to speed up the sites and simplify their operation we are “refactoring” a few things on the site related to goal adoption and goal counts (how many people are on a goal). Now if all goes smoothly, the net effect will be everything will function just as they did before, but with faster loading pages and less strain on the database. That ought to mean fewer “oops” pages. The change will be most evident on goals with lots of people and teams with lots of members.

Sounds great, right? So why the fuss? Well, because we are pretty much rerouting the oxygen intake for our dear 43Things the site (goal adoption) . We’ve tested the changes, double checked them, and we are feeling ready to roll them out. But if you see something go haywire in these 2 areas we’d love it if you let us know.

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10 Responses to All is change. All remains the same.

  1. I think, The loading time is normal and nothing to worry about it. It is as usual normal sites take, but it will be good if it will take low.

  2. Right now everything is perfect i feel.

  3. Thanks for the laugh and the update!!

  4. No Oooops pages for a while for me :)

  5. revengeofnudefreedom

    Would this by any chance have anything to do with the “give up” list on 43T, being moved to 43 People, and now being called “Marked as failed”?

    Many of these goals, were not “failures”, but simply goals that for various reasons were set aside.

    I know that many people are unhappy with this change.

    What was wrong with the little tab and the list on 43T? If it’s a bandwidth/memory issue, I’d rather see the calendar of goals on 43 People removed (although I don’t want see 43 People removed entirely.) as opposed to not having the “give up” list on 43T.

  6. Hey Dan, the bandwidth between 43People and 43Things are two separate things. The Robots make their money off of 43Things and so that’s what they focus their efforts on.

    The “failed” terminology has always been that way on 43People since it first rolled out. Very few people use that site in comparison to 43Things.

    The goal of 43Things is to help people accomplish their goals. That’s why the “How I Did It” was added. Giving up on a goal does not help others accomplish their goals. I can understand why this feature is not as important to the overall workings of 43Things. People can still give up on goals. They just don’t have easy access to the ones they’ve given up on. Maybe this will help people decide whether they truly want to give up on a goal to begin with.

    • revengeofnudefreedom

      But, Todd ,

      Many 43T’ers, never intended to actually “give up” on these goals. They were just “setting them aside”. We don’t have a “setting them aside list”, so this seemed like the next best thing.

      The thing is we can have up to 43 things on our list, and that’s all fine and dandy with me, but if we have the maximum 43 goals on the list, and then we want to add another, then one has to be taken off. Again, fine, I can deal with that. But having the “give up” list handy meant that, let’s say for the sake of argument, that *I still wanted to do goal #33*, But……. I now need to take one off so that I can have goal #43. So, let’s say goal #43, is a birthday goal, so 3 days later, the person has their birthday, I post an entry and wa la, the goal is completed. But…… goal # 33, is going to take longer to do, but yes I still want to do it, and no I’m not really “giving up” on it. I’m just freeing up space so that I can have goal #43.

      A person could conceivably look through one’s give up list, and decide that one of those goals, they do want to do. So I beg to differ on your notion that “it’s not helping others accomplish their goals.”

      But as I said before, for many people these were *goals set aside*, that they planned to come back to, when they had a better time to do them.

      Another thing that bugs me about this, and another 43T’er had alluded to this, is the idea of our goals being attached to some kind of an hour glass. Now, I know that isn’t so. But still, does it benefit any of us, to feel like we only have x amount of time to complete a goal, and then if we set is aside, well too bad, now it’s gone.

      And yes, all of this is still on 43 Peeps, and yes, one could probably go and search for the goals on 43T. But, this is taking something that was once simple and making it a bit harder to do.

      And since you’re saying that 43T gets more users, then why not leave it on 43T?

  7. Dan, you and the other 43ers who have a problem with the changes need to remember that you are just users of the website. The Robots own the site and may make any changes they want or need to make. If you don’t like the changes, then you don’t have to use the site.

    Realistically people can’t work on more than 43 things at one time, and users need to accept that limit of goals. If they want to adopt short term goals like birthday goals, they should keep some slots open for them, while utilizing the other slots for longer term goals.

    I miss Super-Cheers, but bitching about them being gone is not a positive outlet for my energy. Move on.

    • revengeofnudefreedom

      Fine, Todd.

      The next time you have another “bitch” about the neighborhood watch, I’ll just tell you that it’s “not a positive outlet of energy, and that you should move on.”

      I have just as much right to voice my concerns as you do. I’m not required to like everything, and if I don’t, I have the right to say so.

      The Robots created this site, for who Todd? Themselves? No, they created it for us.

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